Florida Film



My husband and I began this photography adventure together about six years ago and we are still in it and loving it even more than when we started. Our most recent venture has been film. We took our Pentax 645 with us on vacation to Florida and roamed around the area taking photos of one another and the landscape. Our film was developed at Richard Photo Lab and we were both so excited when we got it back!



This friend. She is one of the few of what I like to call "soul sister's" in my life. Our friendship has been a total God-send, through and through. We met almost 3 years ago at the Influence Conference, had dinner at Noodles and Co. and had the quickest heart to heart I have ever had with anyone ever. To say I am thankful for her is an understatement! 

A few weeks ago, we went scouting around downtown Indianapolis and updated headshots (and documented the last of this beautiful, long hair before she made the chop); here is the finished product!